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Patient Experience Speakers Bureau
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Through the Patient Experience Speakers Bureau, we help connect meeting planners with professional speakers passionate about sharing the importance of patient experience with the healthcare community. This resource is available to members and guests of The Beryl Institute at no charge. Speaking fees and schedules to be coordinated directly with listed speakers.
We have categorized our speakers bureau by key focus areas. Click on a speaker below to learn more about their background and session topics or click on a category title for a list of speakers specializing in that key focus area.

Speakers from The Beryl Institute:

Jason Wolf

Jason is a passionate champion for and recognized leader on patient experience. As President of The Beryl Institute he has led the growth of a global movement on patient experience improvement. A respected author and speaker on patient experience and high performance organization culture, he offers a powerful and practical message for organizations looking to refocus, reenergize or reach new heights.

Stacy Palmer

Stacy is a visionary thinker and pragmatic strategist who has been a critical leader in the rapid expansion of patient experience as a central conversation in healthcare. Through her role as Senior Vice President at The Beryl Institute, she has helped extend the focus on patient experience into a true global movement.

Deanna Frings

Deanna is a recognized expert in patient/family experience, leadership development and educational design. Through her role as Vice President, Learning and Professional Development with The Beryl Institute, she has expanded the development of numerous educational events and learning offerings focused on patient experience solutions, proven practices and idea generation.

Tiffany Christensen

As Vice President, Experience Innovation with The Beryl Institute, Tiffany approaches her work from the perspective of a life-long patient CF patient having received 2 double lung transplants and a professional patient advocate. She is a nationally recognized public speaker and the author of three books exploring advocacy, end of life planning and partnership strategies in healthcare.

Paul Spiegelman

Paul is a sought-after speaker and author on leadership, employee engagement, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, and customer relationships. He is the Chief Culture Officer of Stericycle, Author and Founder of The Beryl Companies.

Sahar Andrade

Sahar is a Diversity, Global Leadership & Culture Competence Speaker/Consultant and certified as an E-marketer and Social Media Strategist. Living and working with different people and cultures as well as years working for International Airlines, traveling all over the world left a great impact on Sahar.

Kristin Baird

Kristin brings over 35 years experience to the platform sharing her wit and wisdom gained through years as an RN, hospital executive, and as a nationally recognized thought leader on the patient experience. As a consultant, she has worked with hospitals, health systems, medical groups and long term care facilities all over the country helping them to understand and improve the patient experience.

Victoria Baskett

Victoria is the Founder and President of the Victoria Baskett Patient Safety Foundation that works to “Improve patient safety by educating patients and families on the importance of finding their voices.” Her expertise is apparent to hospital leadership and has provided the keynote addresses on patient safety and experience.

Shari Berman

Shari advocates for patients and lends her perspective and expertise as patient, long-term survivor, caregiver and business professional. Her talks have focused on a variety of topics including her personal experience with cancer, survivorship issues, patient centered care and how to develop and sustain an effective Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Brooke Billingsley

Brooke Billingsley is a business entrepreneur, author and professional speaker offering a poetic balance of grounded professional knowledge and powerful personal story in bringing the patient experience to life. She provides a critical message with heart and thoughtfulness, leaving her audience both moved and inspired for action.

Matt Cavallo

At twenty eight years old, Matt seemingly overnight went from a fully-functioning, healthy man to someone who was numb from the waist down and unable to walk. Matt's patient experience presentation follows him from the initial onset of symptoms through the care continuum and adapting to a new life with a chronic illness.

Anthony Cirillo

With more than 30 years of healthcare excellence and leadership, Anthony provides valuable content in an entertaining way. He ignited the patient experience movement, predicted several others and helps CEOs connect the dots in the complex healthcare world.

Paul Alexander Clark

Inspired by decades as a patient, Paul Clark founded Curate.Health to strengthen patient-provider relationships through mobile technologies. Paul brings a unique approach to benefit any healthcare organization in the new era of pay for performance and accountable care.

Karen D. DeCuir-DiNicola

Karen has 29 years of public and professional speaking experience. The passion she exudes for changing the way people wait provides a great backdrop for her entertaining, engaging, motivational keynotes.

Nancy DeZellar Walsh

Nancy is a successful health care executive with over 30 years experience in executive leadership roles, clinical operations, strategic planning, quality and process improvement. She shares her no-nonsense approach to improving care and service for patients and families.

Marcus Engel

Marcus is a professional speaker and bestselling author who’s messages provide insight and strategies for excellent patient care. He stresses that the patient's experience is key in satisfactory, competent and quality healthcare today.

David Festenstein

David is a communication specialist, Coach and Professional Speaker who suffered a stroke in 2008 which left him paralyzed on his right side and unable to walk. He applied his communication training to drive his recovery process and made a remarkable recovery.

Linda Galindo

Linda is an educator, speaker and consultant who is an accountability activist in the field of personal and organizational accountability and high-performance executive team building and physician leadership.

Andrew Gallan

Andrew teaches, researches, and advises organizations on designing services to improve patient experience. His personal mission is to capture and share patients’ perspectives of experiences with health care organizations in order to improve service delivery.

Jill Golde

Jill brings over 20 years experience as a mission-driven consultant and trainer for a broad range of private and public sector organizations. An expert in organizational change and the patient experience, she is an inspiring, effective speaker, coach and team-builder.

Janiece Gray

Janiece is a gifted communicator and consultant who is passionate about communication and serving patients and families with more than 18 years of experience in patient care, healthcare administration and operations, performance improvement and patient experience.

Pam Greenhouse

Pam is a frequent speaker on the topic of engaging patients and families as partners in redesigning care delivery. She has co-authored 25 papers on patient and family centered care, healthcare outcomes, process assessment and organizational models in peer-reviewed journals.

Vicki Hess

A highly regarded speaker, author, facilitator and consultant, Vicki shares her expertise in employee engagement as well as workforce and leadership development with healthcare organizations across the country. She has more than 30 years of hands-on business and healthcare experience.

Liz Jazwiec

Liz Jazwiec, R.N. is a nationally renowned speaker, strategist and author who has shared her passion for leadership, engagement and service with audiences across the country. Audiences describe Liz’s presentations as uplifting, motivational and fun, they respect her practical and experience-based style.

Margo Karsten

Margo is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and comprehensive experience in designing and implementing innovative process and structure in complex organizations.

Carol Kivler

Carol is an experienced professional speaker, author, international executive coach/trainer and a passionate mental health advocate. A survivor of 4 bouts of treatment resistant depression, she shares her lived experience with all types of audiences.

Brian Lee

Brian Lee is one of North America’s leading experts in the field of Healthcare Patient Satisfaction and Change Leadership. He is the founder of Custom Learning Systems (CLS) and the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. He is also a best selling author and has published more than 60 audio and video training programs.

Wendy Leebov

A passionate advocate for creating healing environments for patients, families, and the entire healthcare team, Wendy provides high-impact consulting services to help healthcare enhance the patient experience. She has written over ten books for health care.

Edward Leigh

Edward is a seasoned healthcare professional and a polished professional speaker. He is passionate about dramatically improving both the patient and employee experience. He is a prolific writer and author of the book, Engaging Your Patients.

Barbara Lewis

Barbara speaks at national conferences on marketing topics, using two decades of knowledge, coupled with experience as a family member in the ICU with her dying sister, sharing recommendations for exceeding patient and family expectations.

Gautam Mahtani

Gautam is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Customer Feedback Systems LP, a global provider of technology-driven Patient Experience Programs. His passion lies in integrating real world Loyalty principles and philosophies into organizations’ service cultures.

William J. Maples

Dr. Maples serves as Executive Director of The Institute for Healthcare Excellence and brings more than 30 years of experience to his work.

Susan Mazer

A co-founder of Healing HealthCare Systems, Susan is a thought leader and knowledge expert on how the environment of care impacts the patient experience. Susan has been working with healthcare organizations for over 25 years.

John McKeever

John is an accomplished consultant having supported nationally-recognized healthcare organizations to deliver exceptional patient experiences. He is an author, speaker and consultant serving organizations interested in learning more about the needs of their patients, physicians and employees to drive transformational change.

Randi Redmond Oster

Randi is a writer, engineer and mother who is a passionate advocate for patient management reform. Her Six Sigma skill set, engineering degree and compassion as a mom makes for compelling, engaging and valued sessions.

Katie Owens

Katie believes the healthcare experience matters. It matters for every person: Patients, Caregivers, Providers. As President of the Healthcare Experience Foundation, Katie is taking bold steps to assure that every organization has access to resources for engaging patients and developing their workforce to achieve results.

Terri Ann Parnell

Dr. Parnell is a nurse and nationally recognized health literacy expert, award winning author and Principal and Founder of Health Literacy Partners LLC, a corporation that specializes in providing a tapestry of solutions to promote health equity by enhancing person-centered care, effective communication, and the patient experience.

Jake Poore

Jake spends most of his time in the trenches of healthcare, working side by side with clinical and non-clinical care team members on every step of the patient experience. As Founder and President of Integrated Loyalty Systems, Jake knows what it takes to create and maintain a world-class service organization.

Diane Rogers

Diane's style, energy and stories capture audiences and invites reflection. As President of Contagious Change® LLC, she assists healthcare organizations in delivering excellent patient care. She specializes in engaging leaders, physicians and nursing teams to create positive experiences, operational efficiency and quality patient care. She is Co-Developer of The hArt of Medicine® and a Certified Professional Coach.

Carol Santalucia

Carol is a seasoned healthcare leader with a passion and commitment to enhancing the patient experience. After 28 years in various service excellence and leadership roles at Cleveland Clinic, Carol began her own consulting practice.

Dorothy Sisneros

Dorothy is a healthcare leader and consultant renowned for inspiring leaders to achieve breakthroughs in leadership effectiveness and the patient, family and employee experience. As a Partner in the Language of Caring, she has spearheaded breakthroughs in CAHPS scores with large health systems, hospitals, and medical practices.

Burl Stamp

With broad-based experience working alongside health care professionals from the boardroom to the bedside, Burl has helped major health systems, academic medical centers and community hospitals improve bottom line, patient experience, staff engagement and patient safety results. He is the President/Founder, Stamp & Chase, Inc.

Colleen Sweeney

Colleen Sweeney is the creator of the renowned Patient Empathy Project and is widely considered the "Nation’s Chief Expert” on patient fears and empathy - solving the number 1 issue among all patients – Patient Fears. The end result: Rapid and transformation changes in healthcare organizations, consistently gaining rankings in the top deciles of patient satisfaction metrics.

Charlonda Thrower

Charlonda is a talented trainer, speaker and mentor. Her compassionate spirit is contagious. As a Licensed Master Social Worker, she has been instrumental in addressing and overcoming the psychosocial barriers that often impede a patient’s medical success.

Lee Tomlinson

Lee is a C-level executive, customer service expert, author and cancer survivor. Following a recent battle with Stage 3 cancer, Lee has devoted his life to one mission: teaching healthcare professionals to provide more compassionate "service” to all of their patients, all of the time.


Please contact featured speakers directly to arrange and negotiate the terms of a speaking engagement by completing the brief form at the bottom of the speaker profile page. While all listed speakers have worked with and/or are thoroughly reviewed by The Beryl Institute, views of the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of the Institute.

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