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Patient Experience Marketplace
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Patient Experience Marketplace serves as the go to resource for identifying patient experience products and services to support organizational improvement in addressing patient experience issues. 

Organizations are listed by category type to provide you quick access to product and service listings specific to your patient experience needs. Simply click on each category to browse organizations committed to helping you improve the patient experience and connect with them directly for more information.

Marketplace Categories


ABM Healthcare is part of ABM (NYSE: ABM), an integrated facility solutions leader, providing exceptional facility experiences for our clients’ employees and customers through ABM’s 100,000 employees. ABM services over 4 billion square feet of buildings and has revenues of $4.9 billion. ABM Healthcare partners with over 300 hospitals, healthcare systems, and 700 medical facilities to improve their patient experience “from the car door to the patient room” through our environmental services, facilities management, food & nutrition, clinical engineering, laundry & linen, patient transportation, patient sitter/companion, and parking & guest services. ABM Healthcare is a multiple recipient of “Best Places to Work” by Modern Healthcare and “Great Places to Work” by Becker’s Healthcare Review. Our thousands of well-trained specialists are focused on delivering the highest standard of care, while reducing operational costs, improving HCAHPS scores, and maximizing resources.


The C.A.R.E. Channel, 24-hour nature video and instrumental music programming, helps improve the patient experience by masking noise, mitigating pain, and improving sleep. Produced by Healing HealthCare Systems, C.A.R.E. Programming can be viewed where and how patients and families need it most: on televisions, integrative patient platforms, patient portals and mobile devices. C.A.R.E. Programming is currently creating healing environments and improving the patient experience in more than 900 healthcare facilities in the U.S. and abroad. Company founders Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., and Dallas Smith are acknowledged pioneers in the use of music as environmental design.


Talent is a person’s capacity for near-perfect performance. We identify people with the potential for near-perfect performance so clients can make wise decisions in the selection and development of their teams. When we identify talent, we transform lives. Talent Plus is the Leading Talent Assessment PartnerSM with organizations committed to growth. Talent Plus structured interviews and Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM) are built with the highest degree of scientific rigor and integrity. Over 6 million interviews and assessments as well as countless research studies conducted by Talent Plus have shown strong relationships between interview results and business outcomes.


Mystery shopping is a great way to validate the true patient experience and create a burning platform for change. Baird Group provides the best, most thoroughly documented experience capture in the industry. Our professional mystery patients bring a rich perspective including direct observation and photo documentation. We do patient visits, phone calls, walkthroughs and inpatient ethnography studies where we capture the facts as well as the patient perceptions of encounters. Our data is rich and actionable. You’ll find out just how consistent the experience is and answer the “why?” behind your CAHPS survey scores.


Our team provides valuable Mystery Shopping services - or what we call “Pride Audits” - to thousands of healthcare leaders at organizations across the U.S. and around the globe. We know that patient experiences and patient loyalty are driven by four things: processes, physical environment, product, and people. Our comprehensive Mystery Shopping service is designed to assess all four of these elements to provide you with a clear picture of how well your day to day operations reflect your organizational values and priorities.


Founded in 1967, ImageFIRST® is the largest and fastest growing national linen rental and laundry service specializing in the medical market. ImageFIRST’s 36 locations nationwide serve over 6,000 medical offices every week providing linen, patient gowns, scrubs and much more while managing their clients’ linen inventory for cost management. With a customer retention rate of over 95%, ImageFIRST is dedicated to improving patient satisfaction through quality products and remarkable service: their Comfort Care® line of gowns are proven to increase patients’ favorable perception of a facility by more than 50%. ImageFIRST is your cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction.


Elsevier Patient Engagement solutions engage, educate and empower patients by giving them quick access to the same evidence‐based information clinicians trust, but delivered in an interactive and patient‐friendly way that’s accessible through the EHR. Our text solution covers thousands of health topics in multiple languages at varying literacy levels and is Meaningful Use Certified. Our video solution is accessible to patients on bedside TVs, computers, and mobile devices. With Elsevier, you can offer your patients comprehensive, engaging, and standardized education across the care continuum, and streamline your care team’s workflow by facilitating access and delivery of that content. This turns patients into active participants in their healthcare, not only while they’re with their care team but, more importantly, at home where most of their care will take place.


In the shift to value-based health care delivery, patient engagement is a strategic imperative to improve performance. Founded by a patient, GetWellNetwork helps health care providers engage patients and their families in any setting. Delivered on mobile devices, PCs and TVs, our patient-centered platform enables providers to implement an Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) delivery model, which empowers patients to participate in their care and leads to better outcomes. We combine the people, processes and technology to activate patients, transform clinical practice and advance key performance measures. Evidence-based data demonstrates that our clients are using IPC to dramatically improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial results.


The Baird Group helps organizations achieve sustainable improvements in patient experience and employee engagement. The Baird Model is a proven approach to engage all levels of the organization in building buy-in and creating processes and systems that promote ownership and accountability. The model is based on a custom approach, thorough analysis and in-depth reporting and action planning and strategy.


Developing Customized Service Culture Training: DTA offers customized options, not cookie-cutter solutions, for organizations to train staff in key principles of service and patient experience improvement. We help create, customize, and deliver service culture training sessions that reflect your organization's principles and values as well as the unique needs of your staff. We can even "train-the-trainer'' to build internal capacity and help your organizational team take over the training sessions for long-term consistency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Shadow Coaching: Our care team coaching is positive, discreet, and does not interfere with patient care. Our process is simple: one of our coaches spends a couple of hours with a care team member, shadowing with them through a variety of patient encounters, always conscious of not slowing down their practice. Verbal feedback on strengths and opportunities is followed up with a written report. We also offer shadow coaching training to build internal capacity of your team.


Specializing in people, organizations, and strategy, FutureSense offers unique and comprehensive services to create solutions that make a difference. Our team values the relationships we build with our clients in a thoughtful, responsive, and authentic approach to business practices - offering integrated solutions across the employee life-cycle, including development, rewards, and organizational effectiveness. For over 20 years, we’ve had the privilege to partner with our clients in many facets: including strategic and workforce planning, leadership and team development, coaching, compensation design/performance management, employee engagement and change management that develops and retains top talent. The FutureSense team is committed to innovative practices that align with unique organizational needs to build strong and effective teams and organizations.

GSPsquared LLC

GSPsquared LLC is a strategic consultancy that works with healthcare organizations to develop and implement strategies and infrastructure to increase effectiveness in the areas of patient engagement, patient experience, advisory councils, and communications. We have extensive experience facilitating physicians, nurses, administrators, patients and family members to improve healthcare quality and delivery at the practice, hospital, and health system levels. We've worked in these settings delivering measurable results for our clients again and again.


The hArt of Medicine® is designed to create personal, human and effective interactions that foster an organizational culture where exceptional experiences occur.  Grounded in evidence based research, The hArt of Medicine®, utilizes an appreciative, strengths-based coaching approach to facilitating change.  The program framework provides a methodology and practical approach which brings awareness and meaning to the individual’s actions, attitudes and behaviors that promote consistent, respectful, trusting, empathic, therapeutic encounters, and cultivate a caring culture.  The program begins by re-connecting participants to what is meaningful and purposeful to them, and equipping them with tools, skills and experiences that support positive therapeutic interactions.   Workshops, observational coaching and operational integration strategies are structured to draw attention to the participant’s personal strengths and unique qualities that support caring human experiences.  The hArt of Medicine® offers a variety of experiential learning programs & workshops, include Engaging the hArt, Leading hArtfully, and 'Beyond the Checklist' Coach Development Program (aka train the trainer).


Healthcare Quality and Communication Improvement, LLC specializes in helping organizations and individuals focus on "how" we communicate and build relationships to deliver high quality, safe care for a great experience. We specialize in strengths based and relationship-centered approaches to leadership development, change management, interprofessional teamwork, and compassionate interactions with patient. For over two and one-half decades, we have collaborated with individuals, practices, hospitals, health systems and medical malpractice insurers to bring out the best in all.


Creating and delivering the best possible patient experience starts with building an engaged and confident workforce across the care continuum. The HealthStream Engagement Institute helps improve the patient experience using evidence-based techniques and methodologies guided by expert coaches. Through onsite and remote coaching, organizations receive a comprehensive roadmap to drive measurable outcomes and sustainable results. Through assessments, courseware, tools and applications, and expert coaching, the HealthStream Engagement Institute has helped thousands of healthcare organizations create self-sustaining communities of competent, confident, and engaged physicians, nurses, and employees who understand that even the smallest interactions can make a big difference.


The Institute for Healthcare Excellence is a PRC company providing a collaboration of industry experts and thought leaders focused on healthcare improvement solutions to create a culture of excellence. The Institute will use insights gained from PRC's custom research to help clients create action plans geared to deliver on creating a culture of excellence by addressing their strategic healthcare priorities. The Institute brings industry experts and independent contractors together and provides world-class consulting to healthcare organizations when they need resources outside the scope of research alone, particularly, the implementation of strategies to improve patient experience and patient experience scores.


Integrated Loyalty Systems, founded by President and Chief Experience Officer Jake Poore, is on a mission to change the face of healthcare. We don’t impose a culture - rather, we serve as architects to help create a culture that supports world-class patient experiences. Together with the entire care team, we assess the existing culture and then develop the unique blueprints necessary to create a new, patient-driven culture. We’re with them every step of the way as they learn how to operationalize this new way of doing things. And, we provide proven tools that empower clinical and non-clinical employees from the board room to the exam room to the break room to successfully unite healing (clinical excellence) with human kindness (service excellence) in every patient and employee interaction … always. Side effects of this cultural transformation include consistently higher patient satisfaction scores, increased employee engagement, and dramatically improved patient experiences.


They’re no longer just your patients – they’re your customers. Crafting their experience solely around HCAHPS won’t cut it anymore. Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock Inc. pushes health systems to expand their efforts far beyond traditional benchmarks and mandated surveys to provide a more holistic, engaged Patient Experience across their full continuum of care. Our firm works with leading healthcare organizations as they assess and improve their current PX or as they build their department from the ground up. Leveraging both our proprietary research and our deep experience as hospital operators, we guide our provider clients through the design, alignment, execution, measurement and improvement of their PX to achieve their goals through astute analysis and strategies tailor-made for each organization.


Kairos Now is a boutique Design Thinking Consultancy that supports healthcare businesses with expertise, tools and coaching that drive real solutions and opportunities to improve patient outcomes and innovate models of care. We assist organisations to reframe problems and creating real value with customers, consumers and their families at the centre. We provide a framework and work with you to solve your problems and redesign challenges. Our experience includes Quality Improvement and Implementation projects, patient centred care and building in house capability. We offer consulting and facilitation services and programs of change. We have programs that provide a structured path, coaching with tools and techniques for your staff to work in teams on their challenges.


Driven by a passionate commitment to strengthen humanism in healthcare, Language of Caring helps healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals create and sustain healing experiences and positive outcomes through powerfully effective, caring communication. Language of Caring offers a rich array of services and programs for hospitals, health systems, health plans and medical practices, and long-term care—all custom-designed to enhance the patient, family and employee experience.


You’re probably on this web page because you’re looking for options to enhance your delivery of a high-quality patient experience, and your team has prioritized your next steps. But how do you know which program or technology improvement patients would prioritize? Prosatient provides you with the means to assess proactively what patients expect, rather than measuring in hindsight what they thought of service post-care. If you could predict the impact your service improvement initiatives will have on patients’ perceptions of their patient experience, wouldn’t you feel more confident choosing the right tactics? Before you settle on any one option, why not see if Prosatient can help you identify a clear set of priorities? We can help you understand what patients value, even before they come in the door.


Stamp & Chase partners with health care organizations nationwide to improve the care experience by improving communication. Our experienced team of executive consultants focuses on meaningful cultural change that produces sustainable results, working in the trenches with leaders, physicians and frontline caregivers to develop the communication competencies that lead to individual and collective success. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve had the privilege of working with leading healthcare organizations such as Ascension Health, BJC HealthCare, Press Ganey, Mercy and SSM Health. What makes our approach unique and successful? First, we treat frontline clinical professionals like professionals, using approaches and tools that build talents, not just tactics. Second, we always adapt our evidence-based curriculum to address issues unique to your organization, aligning with your values and other improvement initiatives. And third, we embed a comprehensive framework of leader competencies and practices that support frontline staff and drive accountability for results.


The UCLA Extension Patient Advocacy Certificate Program will provide the knowledge, skills and competencies professionals need to successfully prepare for this emerging career. The curriculum is evidence and outcome-based where progress depends on the student demonstrating mastery of educational objectives for each course. Participants in the program will complete eight required courses including a capstone seminar that will provide an opportunity for students to use case studies to practice care planning as well as integrate and apply what they have learned throughout their coursework in the program.


Every healthcare organization is unique and we know you cannot rely on generalizations when it comes to improving the experiences of your patients. Our collaborative approach reveals patient experience issues at their root cause, offers details on provider performance and establishes a clear picture of factors affecting employee engagement. By illuminating relevant insights, we empower and guide you to make timely decisions that positively impact the experiences of your patients and elevate you in your community. We don't deliver data, we deliver insights that matter.


HealthStream’s vision is to improve the quality of healthcare by assessing and developing the people who deliver care. As partner to thousands of healthcare organizations, HealthStream is uniquely positioned to help your organization make the connection between compliance, patient experience, clinical care, and performance management across the continuum of care. Our methodology, client services team, and improvement tools provide healthcare organizations with the insight necessary to drive sustainable improvement. HealthStream’s focus is on allowing the voices of the healthcare community to guide your workforce development efforts, leading to improved healthcare outcomes.


PRC partners with healthcare organizations and individuals to help them create and sustain a culture of excellence that will drive continuous improvement in the patient experience. Partnering with PRC means understanding what excellence really looks like through the eyes of patients. PRC’s thoughtfully designed research enables healthcare teams to connect data with actual patient experiences and change ratings that are merely Very Good into ratings that are Excellent. As the only research consultant measuring excellence, PRC helps hospitals, health systems and physician practices transform insights into strategies and strategies into tactics that stick — and that lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness, higher-quality outcomes, and sustained excellent performance.


RateMyHospital enables health systems and hospitals to measure, manage, and improve patient experience in real-time. With an emphasis on service recovery, RateMyHospital is a user-friendly software tool that collects real-time patient feedback and helps healthcare executives close the loop with patients. Deployed in over 200 care locations, RateMyHospital is used by the top- ranked academic medical centers, rural, and community hospitals throughout the U.S.


SentactRounding is a robust rounding platform designed to help hospitals and healthcare networks with Nursing, Safety and Accreditation, as well as Patient Experience Rounds. Using SentactRounding, organizations improve safety, service, and the patient experience by targeting, identifying, and tracking issues to proactively resolve them using our automatic workflow assignment. With over 450 facilities implemented, we are uniquely qualified to automate all your rounding needs. SentactRounding is a fully integrated platform that is quick to implement, easy-to-use, and extremely adaptable. Our solutions are cost-effective and clients realize tangible returns in months.


SilentPac™ Solutions by Accurate is a suite of acoustically engineered door hardware designed to soften noise from opening and closing doors, ultimately resulting in more peaceful and quiet healing environments. Innovative, noiseless technology enables SilentPac™ hardware to function at the same level as ambient noise in a room. Ideal for both new doors and retrofit applications, it is designed to be compatible with other brands' hardware for maximum flexibility.


Advisory Board is a global research, technology, and consulting firm with over 35 years of proven solutions and impactful results helping hospitals and health systems improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. Through our patient experience work, we provide the infrastructure and support you need to become the consumer destination of choice. And with our iRound technology, we gather satisfaction data in real time while automatically disseminating service recovery requests and providing intelligent, actionable dashboards.


Amplion changes everything you thought a nurse call system could do. We've turned outdated nurse call Into a performance improvement tool. The Ampllon Alert care assurance platform closes care loops and collects the point of care data you need to transform patient and staff experience, improve HCAHPS and deliver quality outcomes. The platform combines advanced nurse call capabilities, care collaboration tools, alarm management, reporting and data analytics in a single system to track, manage and confirm care delivery for every patient, every time. Using Amplion's real time data, you can conduct service recovery and make data-driven decisions that optimize patient care and staff workflow. Created by clinicians for clinicians, Amplion Alert is built for where healthcare Is headed. Ready to take patient safety, staff responsiveness and accountability to the next level? Let us share our vision for smarter, safer, more satisfying care.


CipherHealth is a healthcare technology company focused on providing patient engagement solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Through our patient follow up, preventive outreach, care management, and digital rounding solutions, we are helping to increase CAHPS scores, reduce readmissions, and improve labor utilization with enhanced communication and care team coordination.


NarrativeDx is the AI platform for patient experience. We help hospital leaders and care providers hear the voice of their patients with AI. Our natural language processing and machine learning provides actionable insights from patient comments to improve their institution's patient experience, drive patient referrals, increase hospital revenue, and boost hospital reputations. Our clients have seen $50M in increased referrals and 80% improvements in patient experience measures.


Navi is a leader in the implementation of mobile health solutions and is revolutionizing the post-discharge call process. Navi has a suite of solutions that will hardwire better patient experiences for your organization. Leveraging the power of the EMR, utilizing effective mobile user interface and ensuring patient and provider solution adoption is our specialty. Our cost effective and results oriented solutions include the award winning NaviConnect TM , a mobile app that allows providers to contact patients and family following a care visit, and CareNavigator TM , a mobile and in-room solution that provides patients and family with crucial information during acute care visits.


The Oneview Patient Engagement and Clinical Workflow Solution is the most innovative Interactive Patient Care system available. The Oneview Core Platform provides the foundation for all Oneview services and applications. Our feature packs, add-on solutions and access to third party content offer the flexibility to enhance the patient experience, empower the care team and deliver real cost savings to hospital administrators.


Optum Interactive Platform helps hospitals improve the patient experience, enhance care team productivity and increase patient satisfaction by delivering contextually relevant information, applications, collaboration tools and services wherever they are. Optum brings over 20 years of experience with helping 5,000 hospitals, leading Accountable Care Organizations and tens of thousands of physician groups improve clinical and financial performance. Optum Interactive Platform leverages unparalleled health care expertise and scale, along with the most advanced networking infrastructure from Cisco to facilitate unified delivery of information across all points of access. Patients, clinicians and administrators access resources tailored to them through mobile devices, through kiosks and digital signage in lobbies and throughout the hospital, and through the television in the in-patient setting. Optum™ Interactive Platform helps hospitals improve responsiveness to patients’ growing information access and transparency demands, optimize their performance and forge stronger relationships with the consumers they serve before, during and after their care.


Ohio-based PDi is the largest US-based manufacturer of interactive bedside patient touchscreen devices and mounts to help healthcare providers reach better standards of care by customizing the patient experience. PDi proudly brings together over 35 years of expertise as the leader in personal bedside hardware, compatible today with many proven interactive patient software partner solutions, plus PDi-STORE™, service, and installation. The exclusive PDi-STORE™ offers a custom, cost-effective approach to configure PDi Patient Devices with Apps to entertain, educate, and engage patients and families in their care, and nursing efficiency Apps to improve patient-caregiver communications for a variety of healthcare facility types.


Philips is a health technology company focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Applying advanced technologies and deep clinical and consumer insights, Philips partners with customers to deliver integrated solutions that enable better outcomes at lower cost.


RL Solutions is a software company dedicated to making healthcare safer. RL's patient experience software helps organizations capture feedback with simple web forms that you can customize to fit your unique workflow. With tools to streamline your grievance process, close feedback loops with staff, and promote service recovery, RL helps you improve your hospital's overall patient experience. Plus, conduct patient experience rounding and manage files on the go with our mobile tool. RL6:Feedback integrates with the rest of our feature-packed healthcare safety suite, so you can drive on your patient safety, quality management, and infection surveillance goals. RL is trusted globally by over 1800 healthcare organizations, including 9 of the top 10 hospitals in the United States.


Aperum® is a real-time Patient Experience Management Platform that transforms data from Nurse Call Light, Real Time Location Sensors, Cardiac Monitors, and Bed Alarms into understanding about patient satisfaction and safety. It aligns patient’s perception of their care with their individual behaviors that are captured automatically from your call light. Aperum® provides the ability to influence the patient’s perception of care now, in the moment, while the patient is in the hands of the care team prior to discharge. It provides situational awareness to drive operational efficiencies and removes the veil of separation between employee and the information required to manage their role individually. Sphere3® is a Gartner Cool Vendor and has been recognized by Fierce IT as the Most Innovative Analytics tool in 2015.


TruthPoint provides rounding automation and real-time feedback solutions to help healthcare organizations accelerate and demonstrate consistent improvements in patient experience, care quality, staff engagement and financial performance. Fast, flexible, and versatile, TruthPoint gathers feedback from patients, families, leaders, and staff in any care setting. Since 2008, over 60 health care systems, pediatric hospitals, VA and DOD medical centers have exceeded their quality goals; improving care and changing cultures by combining actionable patient input and Coaching Services from TruthPoint. It’s more than what you ask…it’s what you do with the answers. What makes TruthPoint unique compared to other rounding automation software is the organizational support clients receive to transform rounding data into actionable programs to simplify and accelerate quality initiatives. By truly listening to staff and patients, we partner to develop efficient plans that save valuable time in deployment while optimizing utilization to assure that the investment in rounding automation yields the result you expect.


The patient experience begins long before any care is delivered. Research and evidence from many sources indicates healthcare outcomes as highly dependent on communication. From the first point of contact to the trip home, the care experience of every patient is impacted by your communication, and it takes place on many levels. We pay attention to all of the ways that you and your facility communicate to your patients and their loved ones. Your choice of language, and the nature of every message throughout your environment, can make a difference. Consistent communication matters, and we’re ready to discuss ways to improve the language of your facility: What is your hospital care message? How and where is it communicated? Do your patients feel welcome when they walk in, and have a sense of belonging? Do they trust you and your facility? Do they have faith in the competence of your care?

Please contact listed organizations directly to inquire about services. The Beryl Institute does not play a role as broker in any arrangement, rather it is a decision reached directly between an organization and provider. The Beryl Institute is in no way responsible for the outcomes of any work agreed upon between client organization and resource provider.

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